Call for reservations........641-201-1687
We are open Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4 PM to 11 PM
Sundays at noon until 9 PM

In a can or bottled, we have a wide variety of beers and lagers from the United States and around the world. Dark, light, or amber, whatever your pleasure; we showcase over 50 different, select brews. Special orders and retail sales also available.

Dating back to around the twelfth century, whiskey has imparted warmth and distinction to the ages.  Our selection infuses you in that history and keeps you calling out "uisce beatha", or "water of life." 

Our extensive wine list includes exquisite bottles from around the globe. Only the finest wines will do. As we always say, "if we won't drink it, neither should you."  Price is never part of our evaluation of a wine; perfection is.



​107 South Delaware Avenue, Mason City, Iowa